At Exodus Wear we understand that you may be a part of a University, Tafe or study group that can graduate their studies in different years, but still want to organize a jacket and where it around with their friends, even if they graduate in another year.

Exodus Wear allows you to order the jackets for multiple years such as the jacket we have done for the University of Melbourne Business School. We allow you to change the graduating year free of charge!

This University wanted a jacket where they could keep the overall same design but change the number to the year that each student graduated, when they asked if we could do this, we of course said YES!

Our company Exodus Wear loves to help you create your perfect jacket and with little things of changing the year it is very simple for us to do so therefore we do not charge you extra for this feature. Below we have put the photos of this University’s jacket where the number on the sleeve was changed to each students graduating year.

Are you in a University and are looking for a custom made jacket with different year numbers? Then look no further and contact us at Exodus Wear on (02) 8188 7988 or email