Celeb spotting + guess which university started this cool look?

Varsity jackets are huge this season and are definitely here to stay. Not only do students love them (they’re our most popular style), but celebs everywhere are rocking this jacket in their own unique way.


So where did the look come from?

The varsity jacket was first seen in 1865 at Harvard University. Back then they were known as ‘letterman jackets’ and were usually worn by high school and college athletes – just like you would see in the movies.

It was that year the Harvard baseball team decided to sew a giant ‘H’ on the front of their sweaters to represent their school initials. But the varsity jacket had to be earned, and it was believed the athlete had to prove their worth to receive the letter (which is how the jacket got its name!).

The most popular style was the cardigan – one of the favourite styles in our range – and it wasn’t long before the football team caught on to the great idea. By 1930 the baseball look with leather sleeves was introduced, and it became the popular look you see today.


Girl Crush

Our hearts were stolen when Taylor Swift stepped out in this cute tan and navy blue jacket. If you love the leather look on Tay’s sleeves, then be sure to check out our huge range of customisation options.

The pop star is definitely a fan of the look. She’s spotted wearing three more designs, as seen on stage – just like Harry Styles – and in her music video (wonder how many she owns all together?).


Celeb Spotting

Elle Fanning, Katy Perry and Rihanna show off their varsity style.

Elle Fanning, Katy Perry and Rihanna show off their varsity style.

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