The varsity jacket is undoubtedly the cornerstone of every chilled-out ensemble, but the versatility of this wardrobe staple can be realised in almost every situation. From classy to comfortable, the varsity jacket is able to be (almost) effortlessly added to every outfit and give it a cool undertone. The varsity jacket is able to fit perfectly into any wardrobe, no matter the style.


Here are 4 ways to incorporate varsity jackets that show it can tie together any look!

1. ‘Just Casual’ Varsity Jacket

The casual look is the classical way to style a varsity jacket, perfect for everyday wear.

The trick to styling any varsity is to make sure that the rest of the outfit is not too flashy, as this can make too busy and crowded. Cara has done this by going with a black and white base to make that royal blue varsity jacket the focus. Because of the lack of colour, the stripes on the t-shirt don’t seem out of place and actually help to draw the eyes back up to the varsity. The jacket itself has a strong element of class with the jewel-tones and gold detail, making her casual outfit a little more sophisticated.







2. ‘All Class’ Varsity Jacket

An unexpected way to style a varsity jacket is to pair it with a more refined look. The casual feel of a varsity can create contrast within an outfit, putting a different spin on the jacket.

Kim Kardashian has done this by pairing hers with a bodycon midi skirt. The skirt is classy in two dimensions: the shape and the length. A tight-fitting midi skirt is not only sexy but also sophisticated since it has this business-like feel. The tight bottom also works to complement a looser top. Kim has kept her look refined through keep the colour palette limited. The black and white strikes again and makes the skirt and the jacket work together. You want to have elements of both contrast and similarity. The matching colours of the two pieces help balance out the difference in feel: curated vs. cool.




3. ‘So Fancy’ Varsity Jacket 

If you’re more of a ‘girly girl’ and like your outfits to have a little more pink, don’t think that the varsity jacket can’t work for you too!

Blake Lively also contrasts her varsity with something a little more high-class, but with a feminine feel. Here, the focus of the outfit is the gorgeous feather-detail shorts she’s wearing. The varsity jacket, in a pinkish-nude, blends with the shirt and shoes so that it doesn’t overpower the shorts. The lighter colours make this easy. If you have a wardrobe that is full of pastels and floral prints, a varsity that matches this palette can be perfect! Look for muted colours and try and aim for less contrast between the sleeve and body of the jacket.






4. ‘Still Cute Though’

If you’re much more into the cute, preppy vibes, the varsity jacket will seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe as well.

Taylor Swift has successfully pulled off a cute-but-casual look by wearing a slightly oversized varsity jacket with a pair of short shorts. A slightly larger jacket makes everything else seem more delicate in comparison almost like wearing a boyfriend’s jacket (without the trouble of an actual boyfriend). Again, the colour scheme is limited to a few simple colours to avoid over-stimulation. The shorts could easily be
replaced with a short A-line or skater skirt with a similar effect.







Regardless of your personal style, there is truly a varsity jacket for every taste. It’s a piece of clothing that can transition from completing an everyday look to creating contrast in something chic. If you try any of these looks we’d love to see them at #exodusstyle on social media!

Happy styling!