Beauty Pageants in Australia are quickly becoming one of the fastest developing activities throughout the country. Beauty Pageants are set up for girls and boys to provide them with an opportunity to showcase and develop their deportment skills, confidence and self-esteem. We even have our own Australian Beauty Queens going to Texas to compete, and smashing out the competition in America, and bringing home their amazing crowns for tropheys!

We have been contacted by Kristina Klassic Beauty Pageant Coaching to come up with a jacket that would be fully customized for their beauty pageant students to wear at their competitions. It was a great chance for Exodus Wear to get really crazy with our design and to show what we could do for them!

Kristina Klassic Beauty Pageant Coaching has gone with our very popular baseball jacket, they have used their colours to create the jacket. On the chest they have a satin applique of their initials and their names embroidered on the opposite side.

On the back of their jacket they have their beautiful logo which is in a heat transfer and also the title of what the school actually does and also a great way to market your school is to include your email, phone and website such as Kristina has done.

The inside is where the “Wow” comes into the jacket, making it a stand out piece at the pageants. On the inside we have a big crown on the middle with the print of the school. We have also done on the sides ‘Supported by Twinkle Toes Pageants’ as our client actually runs her own pageant as well!

If you would like to get custom jackets made for your pageant school do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or