Every morning after brushing our teeth, wash our face and eat our breakie, the next thing we have to do is to choose an outfit to wear on a Mufti Day. And our struggle starts here. We do not know what to wear often or perhaps always think that we do not have enough clothes to wear.

Before we get into the outfit ideas, here are some tips for you that I found quite helpful:

  1. Wear something that you are comfortable with. There is no point wearing something that you don’t like just to fit in.
  2. Wear something that suits the occasion. Some school might have dress code on Mufti Day, so pay attention on that.
  3. Plan beforehand. You would not want to panic in the morning and be late just because you couldn’t decide what to wear to school.

Now, let us get started with the outfit ideas!

Rainy Days Outfit

rainy day outfit


Wear a cropped pants so they don’t drag on the wet ground on rainy days.

Denim Outfit

Denim outfit


Denim dress is never out of style. Try to pair it with sandals on warm day or boots on chilly days.

Crop Top Outfit

crop top outfit


Not sure how to make your crop tops school-appropriate? Pair it with a midskirt! It is totally stylish as your school outfit~

Jeans Outfit

jeans outfit


As winter is coming, pair your jeans with a normal tees, a jacket and a houndstooth scarf to warm yourself up~

Hopefully, the outfits will give you an idea on what to wear during Mufti Day. If you have any advice and want to share it with everyone else, you can comment below! It is great to share your style to the others so that everyone can look fabulous and stylish in school!