Baseball Jackets are currently our most popular product as an alternative to Year 12 Jerseys but our jackets are a bit different to the ones you see in America & Canada – the main difference is that we don’t use wool acrylic as our main fabric and we don’t do a quilted lining. Our jackets are custom made so it is technically possible to do this but we actually don’t offer these options and a lot of students and schools ask us why. We thought it might be helpful if we posted up some information to answer those questions.

Why we don’t use wool acrylic material:

In Australia we are so lucky to have some beautiful weather and in particular our winter is no where near as cold or harsh as that in the USA & Canada so we believe a wool acrylic jacket is much too heavy and warm for the Australia climate. We have done considerable testing and found that our polycotton material is lightweight enough to not overheat you in Summer but still keep you cool in Winter.

There are also limitations with the decoration methods we can use on wool acrylic because the fabric is so stiff. For example it is no possible to embroider directly onto the material so your school emblem would have to be on a badge which does not look as nice.

Why we don’t offer quilted lining:

We try to customise every aspect of our jackets so if you use a quilted lining it is no longer to print the student names or a photo which we currently offer. The quilted lining also adds one extra layer of heat whereas our satin look lining actually makes it possible to wear your jumper all year round.

Our recommendation is that you road test a wool acrylic jacket prior to purchasing them for your school because you may find that they are just too heavy and you will end up paying a lot of money for a jacket that you can only where for a couple of months in the year. In regards to price our jackets range from $85 to $95 whereas a wool acrylic jacket with leather sleeves normally costs between $200 and $300.