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It’s only a few weeks in and you have already witnessed at least 5 mental breakdowns (or maybe had them yourself).

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You start to judge everyone in the years below you who may or may not be complaining about how hard school is (and probably also cringe at memories of your year 7 self).

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You start to realise how ridiculous the workload is. What is the point of spending 2 hours on one essay in class if you’re expected to do 3 times that in an exam!?

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You fall into the trap of social media while having a “break” the day before your exams.

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You will have absolutely no idea what to expect while waiting for your ATAR (who decided it was a good idea to rank everyone?)

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Once it is all over, you get the biggest holiday of your life.

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Well, until work/uni/having to organise travel, at least…