The brutal final year of high school is done. Now have you ever thought of perhaps what Year 12 would be like in UK? Or USA? Or Canada? Or France? Now that you’ve started reading this post I hope that is exactly what you are thinking about. Hence this post is to give you a glimpse of what the equivalent of the Australian Year 12 is around the World.

1. UK equivalent of Year 12

So, the equivalent of HSC in Britain is The GCE. This is the general certificate of education for which the final exams are done in Year 13. YES, YEAR 13!! (As if 12 years of school isn’t enough). And yep, once again I state, Year 13. Students study for their GCEs from Year 12 onwards. In order to get into Sixth form, you have to do well in the GCSEs, which are another bunch of exams done in Year 11. And you thought the HSCs were complicated eh? However the UK’s year 13 is equivalent to the Aussie Year 12 (Don’t question the logic behind that, it’s just how it is). In Sixth from, it is as important to gather volunteer and work experience as it is to get the grades in order to get into university. Everything contributes points to a system called the UCAS points system, which decides whether you get into the uni and degree of your choice. Unlike here, where the ATAR (and the UMAT scores) are literally the only things that you are required to obtain. However, these guys hold their formal graduation ceremony in Year 11. Again, Don’t ask me why.

2. USA equivalent of Year 12

The Senior Year. That’s what Year 12 is and you should probably know this after all those teen movies you’ve watched. American Year 12 students are usually much more laid back and relaxed in their final year of high school in comparison to our Aussie Year 12 kids. These guys are more about the Graduation and the Senior “Prom” than anything else. The prom is the high school formal. It is a right of passage for many as they finally finish high school and sit their SATs. Many students go on to complete the Advanced placement or the International baccalaureate as their HSC. Seniors in the US are known for their practical jokes and ”funny pranks” on younger students. While some of them can be hurtful, some are genuinely funny. Hop onto google and you’ll find endless stories I promise.

3. Latin American equivalent to Year 12

Most of South America (excluding Brazil, Argentina and a few other countries) do NOT have a Year 12. So yes, 11th grade is the final year of high school (wish you were in Latin America now I believe?). What’s more interesting is the Argentinian version of high school formals. Basically, the organise a little dinner dance to which they arrive in a saloon car. The best part: it is a tradition to arrive with a parent. A real fiesta it is to finish high school there.

So there you go, that is kind of what High school looks like in the Americas and in the UK. Look out for part 2, which would look at Year 12 in the 3 remaining continents. If you do know year 12 stories from other countries, please let us know! Be safe and enjoy not being a high schooler anymore! Peace out.