The twelfth episode of ABC’s My Year 12 Life is set 15 weeks before exams, and though the students seem more comfortable in their final year, the pressure of doing well is growing. This week focuses around three students as always. Shianna develops some drama in her drama class, Alex finds a new friendship in his final year, Alfie considers his future whilst having fun at his 18th and Chelsea flaunts her music talent at the X factor auditions.

My Year 12 Life: Episode 11

Shianna’s Drama

This week Shianna highlights the struggle of group assignments. When practicing for her half yearly drama performance she gets frustrated and she believes only three of the students, including her, are doing the work and the other two aren’t committing enough! Though it all works out in the end, the conflict that arises underscores the frustration of group assignments as well as the stress and pressure students have in their final year of school!

Alex’s New Companion

As mentioned before, the friendships and relationships developed in your final year can be there for life. Alex finds comfort in his new friend at school (who he has only recently started to like) and enjoys spending time with him. They console each other when the sad news of a student passing away rocks the school. It’s important when experiencing high stress or sadness that your surround yourself with people that make you feel good and help you handle the conflict.

Alfie’s Priorities

In this episode Alfie does contemplate his future but other priorities take preference. He is excited about his upcoming 18th birthday, like the majority of Year 12 students, and promises to himself that he will worry about the HSC after his birthday. He reveals his ambitions to become a musician and to move past stereotypes and presumptions about his culture and prove people wrong. Ambition and dreams are important attributes to have as it gives you an incentive to work hard; and incentive that may be lacking in a student’s final year at high-school.

Chelsea’s X-Factor

The episode begins with the news that Chelsea got excepted to the next stage of X-Factor, the live auditions. Her and her music companion are nervous but excited, and make it to the next round after that, but are unfortunately eliminated. Though she doesn’t seem to disappointed about it, Chelsea does say you need a thick skin to go on competitions like that, and that she and her friend weren’t prepared for that sort of criticism. However, Chelsea’s experience outlines the importance of failure as taking risks and the ability to bounce back after failure is the path to success.

My Year 12 Life Episode 12

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