It’s only 6 week until exams and uni applications are on everyone’s mind during this episode of My Year 12 Life. Charlie questions his effort and wonders whether he’ll get enough to get into uni, Trianna is overwhelmed by her abundance of choices and Eden can’t decide whether her destiny lies with Tafe or University.

My Year 12 Life: Episode 16

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Trianna’s Decisions

At the start of the episode we see a stressed out Trianna, trying to work out what courses she wants to choose. Her mum recommends going to open days, and she can’t decide whether her heart is set on Commerce. Brianna visits Melbourne University and is still confused where she wants to study and what she wants to learn. Her mum says she is sending mixed messages. Picking a university degree can be a stressful and difficult decision, and one that can’t be taken lightly. However, at the end of the day, you’ve got to try in life, and you won’t always make the right decisions. You learn form your mistakes and you experiences.

Eden’s Future

Eden admits that her mum is pushing her to go to university but she doesn’t know. She talks about her grandpa, who was very close to her, and he reminded her to follow her passions in life. She starts to research Tafe courses, and his pleasantly surprised that she sees courses that she would be interested in. She gets the support of her boyfriend which makes her feel reassured. Eden reflects on her relationship and how it’s made her a better person with more ambition. It shows that when you’re in a stable and supportive family, you can have the motivation to be true to who you are and prosper.

Charlie’s Efforts

Charlie talks about his chances of getting into the course he’s aiming for at Adelaide university. He seems a bit uncertain whether he will get the ATAR he needs and he admits he isn’t sure that he’s been working hard enough. He doesn’t know how you can tell, because you only do this once in your life, and he has no experience to fall back on. Charlie talks about his parent’s ambitions for him and believes that his parents, as they grew up in the country, would be more happy for him to do farm-work or plumbing, rather than an academic career.

This episode was a moving and stressful one for all students. Choosing your university degrees can be a difficult decision, but keep in mind there are many paths to take, and not you might change your mind at what career you want when you get more experience. If you want to continue the conversation why not head over to the forum and post!