Still situated in the first few months of their final year, this episode of My Year 12 Life, featuring on ABC, ABC iView and ABC ME, focuses on sibling relationships and the uncertainty of a young adult’s future. It centres around Jess, Zoe and Tom F.

My Year 12 Life: Episode 5

Zoe’s Sister Woes

The main ‘drama’ for this episode was the conflict between Zoe and her sister. When Zoe’s sister’s boyfriends cheats on her Zoe is livid and comforts her sister and reassures her that she always has her family. However, trouble brews as Zoe’s sister makes up with her boyfriend and Zoe is confronted with a tug-a-war struggle with the boyfriend. When her sister ultimately chooses her boyfriend over her family, Zoe feels utterly betrayed and explains how she feels like she has a maternal relationship with her sister.

This conflict demonstrates the stress of the final year, and how, unfortunately, life doesn’t make itself any easier just because you are taking on a stressful year of study. Balancing good grades and most importantly, motivation, is often hard in this year, which can be tumultuous for many students who find themselves awkwardly between childhood and adulthood, dependence and independence.

Jess’s Call to Army

The other main action of this episode is the Jess’s application to the army. She first describes how when she finished her year in Year 10, she was accepted into the army but wanted to commit to her schooling, just in case she decided she didn’t like the army or found another calling.

She gets granted an interview with one of the army personnel and she is amazed that they see potential in her. It is this foresight of potential that makes her resolve to stay at school and get a good ATAR, in the hope of fast-tracking her career in the army. However, the episode ends with an uncertain and confused Jess, as she’s just received a call from the Army, stating that before she is accepted she has to clinically sort out her eczema. If she can’t join the army, she says she will probably lose her motivation.

Tom’s Distractions

Through the diary vlogs of Tom’s we can see the many distractions and unplanned events that can disrupt school-life and study time for this big year. Tom not only has to move into his Aunt’s and cousin’s house but also has to get his teeth removed and braces put on. Tom, who already finds it hard to motivate himself to get to school and arrive on time, feels under even more pressure to attend school and get good grades.

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