Design your own custom Active Jacket

Sprint to Graduation in style with our new sporty Active Jacket. Made from a new fabric which combines the breathability and moisture wicking technologies of polyester with the warmth and feel of cotton. This jacket looks like 100% polyester from the outside but it actually has a warm fluffy inner lining made of fleece that will keep you nice and warm in those cooler months.

Don’t let the clean lines of this jacket deceive you; there are still a lot of features to customise. Anywhere you see the patterned panels it is possible to print anything you like. Whether it is your own pattern, your school logo printed as a pattern, all your students names or even photos – it is all possible! Plus you can then print the same pattern in your school initials or number on the back as featured on the red jacket. It is also possible to move the panels around. You don’t have to have them on top of the sleeves; they could be under the arm, on the side of the body or even half of the front panel.

If you don’t want to have a pattern printed in the panels than it is also possible to just had a plain colour. It is also still possible to have our 3D applique for the school initials and number on the back in a choice of satin look, felt, leather look and denim.

As with all our jackets it is possible to have a custom lining and the rule with our lining is that there is no rule! Whatever you can come up we can print. Some ideas to get you started are all your students names, a muck-up photo, student signatures, artwork created by a student; the possibilities are endless! If you would like to have the side panels of the jacket printed with plain lining so your students can use this area to sign each other’s jackets please remember to mention this to our team.

If you are in a warmer climate and would like to have a 100% polyester garment without the fleece that is also possible. With our 100% polyester garments you can create a full colour design all our the fabric. Have you got creative students who love to draw and design? Photocopy the blank template from this catalogue and let them draw a design from scratch. We will computerise their design and print it directly onto the material.

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Free Sample of your Design

Free sample of your design

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We offer a free, no-obligation pre-production sample before you have to commit to an order Learn  More

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Sizing Kit Provided

We send you a physical sizing kit with all our sizes for you to try on before ordering
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Guaranteed colour fastness and anti-piling and a 12 month warranty on hardware.
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Repeat Orders of any Qty

Repeat orders of any quantity
Do a repeat order of any qty for the same price as your initial order. 2 orders per year for Dance clients.

Check out some dancewear designs of the Active Jacket!

Customise the inside of this garment!

The rule with our lining is that there is NO RULE! Your imagination is the limit and we love to challenge ourselves to print whatever it is you can come up with.

Our standard inclusions

  • Pick your fabric
  • Customise fabric colour and design. Add panels to anywhere on the garment
  • Choose zipper or zipper and buttons
  • Custom waist, wrist and neck bands
  • Customise pocket trims and zipper colours
  • Add a hood
  • Applique initials of your school in leather look, satin look or felt
  • School emblem/logo embroidered in one position
  • Class Year embroidered in one position
  • Students proper name embroidered in one position. Can be first name, surname or both
  • Year number applique in one position in leather look, felt or satin look
  • Embroidered text over applique e.g. ‘twenty’
  • Heat transfer in one position
  • Nickname with up to 15 characters or symbols
  • Custom lining printed with any design
  • Variations for staff jackets available at no additional costs

Our Offer to You!

We understand that you may be hesitant ordering from a new company if your school has not ordered from Exodus Wear in the past. We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments and as soon as school’s see their design in real life they always feel confident ordering with our company. That’s why we are offering you a FREE, no-obligation physical sample of one design of your choice!

If you decide you do not want to go ahead with an order we just need the sample returned and you won’t be charged for anything. If you decide you would like to proceed with an order we will require a 50% deposit before going into mass production.

The lead-time is 3-4 weeks and the sample is obligation free. Therefore, if you are not happy with the sample you are not required to place an order. If you would like to proceed with an order there is still an opportunity to make changes to the design before mass production. We recommend ordering your sample early and then having it on display in the school to encourage students to bring in their money and submit their nickname. There is no time-frame that you have to place your order for mass production once you receive the sample. 

To get started on your sample please contact us

Gallery of Designs!

To view more examples please view our Gallery of Designs

Download the design template!


Let’s start making your group’s custom garment

Work with one of our friendly team members via filling out the form below. They can help bring your desired custom design to life, from start to finish. If you can think of it, we can manufacture it. Currently, we are only able to manufacture orders for groups of 25 people or more.

    Working with our team is 100% free.

    Complete the form above whether you have a design already in mind or need our Design Team to work with you to craft your design.