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  • How to customise your jacket

Hey! We’re Exodus Wear and we’ve been making the most customisable jackets and jerseys since 2009!

We want to produce your group’s VISION and customise your jackets inside and out. Let your imagination run wild, design the jacket of your dreams and our team will bring it to life. We specialise in leavers wear for Year 12 students, tour jackets for dance schools and tracksuits for sporting group but we can custom make and jackets or tracksuits for your group. Whether it a baseball shirt for your Roller Derby Team, a satin bomber for your Car Club or a tracksuit for your Chorus Group (yes we have done all those!) we can make it for you and customise them to your specifications inside and out.

Our Most Popular Products

Exodus Wear specialise in designing and making custom garments from scratch. Below are some examples of our popular styles but we can custom make anything so if you have an idea for something new please share it with us.


Baseball Jacket

Reversible Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Active Jacket

Windbreaker Jacket


Exodus Wear Custom Hooded Jumpers

Hooded Jumper

Sublimated Jacket

Baseball Jersey

Softshell Jacket


Customise your garment inside & out!

At Exodus Wear we are constantly pushing the boundaries to create the most innovative and customisable jackets on the market. All of our jackets can be completely customised inside and out! Having a group photo or all the student’s names in your grade printed into the lining of your Year 12 Jacket turns it from a boring school uniform into a piece of memorabilia that you will wear proudly every day in Year 12 and then cherish for years to come. Year 12 is one of the most exciting years of your life and Exodus Wear want you to experience it in style!

If your dance school is going on a tour a great idea is to print photos of all the dancers attending and their names. Otherwise if it is a standard uniform to be used for many years to come you could create a lining which is a repeat print of your logo. Anything is possible!

Our most popular lining option for Year 12 Jackets is to print all of your students names. We can print the names in one large paragraph, columns or you can come up with a new layout. We need a copy of the roll call in excel format in order to extract the names. We print the lining in the sample jacket for you to check over but don’t worry if new students have come or other students have left by the time you go into mass production; we accept a new name list for mass production and will send you a digital artwork layout for approval.
Exodus Wear are famous for printing photos on our jacket linings. We can either print one large landscape group photo across all 3 panels or do a portrait photo on the middle panel. Another option is to print a collage of photos across all 3 lining panels. The photo must be taken on an SLR camera in order to print clearly. Our sales team can assist with taking the photo at your school.
Why not have both! A very popular combination is to print a photo at the top of the middle panel and then all the names below the photo. Alternatively you can print the photo in the middle panel and the names on the side panels. Another option is a yearbook style layout with individual photos and student names underneath each photo.
The rule with our lining really is that there is no rule. We have printed all sorts of designs including student artwork, repeat print of the school logo, patterns etc. Alternatively you can also have plain lining that the students can sign each others names on.

Are you having trouble picking your nickname?

Why not head over to our Nickname Generator to ccreate the perfect nickname for your Year 12 Jersey or Jacket.

Don’t forget you can have up to 15 characters and symbols in your nickname. Some of the more common symbols we use are stars, love hearts and smiley faces but we can do most basic symbols.


Start designing your custom jackets now!

Design Now
Custom Bomber Jacket

Our product range for custom group jackets includes Active Jackets, Varsity Jackets, Varsity Cardigans, Hooded Jumpers (or Sweaters for our US customers), Sublimation Jackets, Jerseys, Reversible Jackets, Windbreaker Jackets, Baseball Shirts, Softshell Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Parka Jackets and Tracksuits. You can download design templates for all of our products on the inpidual product page and we have an online designer coming soon!

We also have the ability to custom manufacture your own jacket design so don’t hesitate to speak to one of our consultants if you can’t see the style you are interested in on our website. Some of our clients include high schools ordering leavers wear, dance schools ordering tour jackets and dance uniforms and community groups ordering member jackets.

Are you having trouble picking your nickname? Why not head over to our Nickname Generator Forum and our community can help you come up with the perfect nickname for your Year 12 Jersey or Jacket.

Over on our blog we also have a section dedicated to Nickname Ideas. Our blog covers a huge range of topics all about high school and university life. Whether you need study tips, muck up day ideas or ideas for University Society we have it all covered!