Have you ever thought ‘I wish a product existed that…’ or you see a product and think of ways that you could make it better? Most people get ideas like this but get overwhelmed with the trying to work out how to get their product made. Our Founder has been sourcing and manufacturing products in China for over a decade. She has been running successful courses in Sydney teaching people how to take their product from idea to physical product.

She has now put this content into an online course. The course will cover a number of topics including:

  • Using an agent vs. working directly with the factory
  • Tips for using an agent
  • The benefits of sourcing at Tradeshows
  • Using sourcing websites
  • Creating a makeshift prototype
  • User testing
  • Working around minimum order quantities
  • Calculating your final cost price
  • Travelling to China
  • Freight & Logistics
  • Quality Control
  • Paying your factory
  • Legal & Insurance

Elyse’s style of teaching is very practical so instead of just teaching the theory there are practical activities throughout the course so that by the time you have reached the end of the course you will have taken all the steps to getting your product made.

Check out the online course to learn how to get your product idea made in China