If you are heading to Vidcon Australia 2017 and want to know which creators are going Synoply has put all the featured YouTubers into one blog post for you.

What you can expect at VidCon includes panels, presentations, meet and greets and much more from industry leaders and professionals in the online video community. The last VidCon had 30,000 people there! It’s such an exciting honour to be one of the first international locations of VidCon and we imagine some of you will be interested in going.

VidCon will be taking place September 9-10 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets start at $125 for the two days for the community. You’ll get access to meet and greets, parties, movie nights, concerts and all the rest!

Synoply have got a tonne of information on Vidcon including exclusive interviews with some of the creators attending like AJ Clementine, Study with Jess, Jake Bley, Jamie & Nikki and Damielou Shavelle.