Style Inspiration: Troye Sivan

At Exodus Wear, we're all about the outerwear. We make varsity jackets, bomber jackets, coach's jackets and pretty much every other kind of outerwear you can think of. Since we have such an affinity for them, we thought we'd go ahead and showcase some of the biggest style icons of [...]

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How We Got Justin Bieber to Wear One of Our Jackets // Confessions of an Entrepreneur

It's every fashion designer, label and company's dream- to have a celebrity wear one of your designs. Having someone famous seen wearing your design is always great advertising and gives your brand a lot of exposure. It's also, you know, just pretty cool. At Exodus Wear we specialise in creating [...]

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Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets

Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets Ever wonder how to style your bomber jacket to suit your tastes in fashion or to match your favourite celebrity? Plenty of celebrities are donning bomber jackets these days. Just take a look at the stars below wearing their bomber jackets. You can wear them [...]

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Rock Their Own Varsity Style

Varsity jackets are a staple when it comes to the classic celebrity style. If you search any of your favourite musicians, actors or models online, you are bound to see a handful of photos of them rocking a varsity jacket. The great thing about the varsity look is that it [...]

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The Hot 30 Countdown give Justin Bieber personalised baseball jacket

3 years ago when we started designing baseball jackets for schools we looked to a lot of celebrities for design inspiration, but there was one celebrity in particular that was our main inspiration - Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has been rocking baseball jackets throughout his whole career and he is [...]

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Nufirm Crew wear personalised Exodus Jackets

Exodus Wear have previously worked with Israel Cruz to provide a jacket for him to wear in the film clip for 'Nasty' so when he told us that he wanted to get some jackets made up for the artists on his record label Nufirm we couldn't wait to get started [...]

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Justice Crew wear Exodus Jackets in BOOM BOOM Film Clip with 2DayFM

Exodus Wear were very excited to be part of another project with Justice Crew. They told us they needed some new jackets ASAP because they were filming a video with 2DayFM. It was a big secret and we weren't allowed to tell anyone so we got the jackets made ASAP, [...]

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Kyle Sandilands wears custom Exodus Baseball Jacket

Exodus Wear were very excited to make a custom baseball jacket for Israel Cruz to give to Kyle Sandilands as a thank you for being a supporter of Israel's music label Nufirm. Kyle liked the jacket so much that he wore it into work at 2DayFM. Kyle loves his jacket [...]

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Behind the Scenes Video of One Direction Australian Tour with The Justice Crew

As we were stalking The Justice Crew's YouTube page which we seem to do on a pretty regular basis we came across this short video they filmed backstage during One Direction's Australian tour which The Justice Crew were the support act for. In the video they ask Lucas what he [...]

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The Justice Crew are doing the BOOM BOOM Dance in our Baseball Jackets

The Justice Crew have a new single coming out called 'BOOM BOOM' and to promote the song they have decided to create a new dance to go along with it called the 'BOOM BOOM Dance'. They have been filming short teaser videos of themselves out and about doing the BOOM [...]

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