How to Combat Procrastination Like a Boss!

It's a feeling we've all experienced. The prospect of study, or finishing an assignment hangs over you and all you want to do is just relax. You need to get it done, but what do you do? Spend hours flicking through pointless Youtube videos, catching up on your favourite show, [...]

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Can you make a comeback after bad results?

Can you make a comeback after bad midterms, half yearlies, assignments? The answer is yes! Personally, there have been so many times in my life where I've gotten scores that I've been disappointed with- including failing one of my year 12 Maths Methods assessments. There's no reason why you cannot [...]

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Degrees that require Math in your ATAR

Math.... A guilty pleasure for many, And to others, an absolute parasite. Whether we like it or not, we have math all around us in some form or the other. While calculating taxes to calculating bus fares, we need some kind of math. Alot of HSC students do however opt [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 2 Recap

This episode of the groundbreaking Tv Series, My Year 12 Life, featured on ABC, ABC iView and ABC ME, follows the first week of Year 12 for a handful of the 14 students taking part in the experiment. It is 36 weeks until the dreaded HSC exams and already the [...]

Changes to the HSC 2019 syllabus

Many of you have just completed the HSC. Many of you are probably doing the HSC this year or the next.Many could also be starting the HSC syllabus this year or the next. All of us are somehow affected by the High School Certificate. And this very HSC is being [...]

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2018 SACE’s First Computerised Exam and Tips to Pass it

I just happen to be moving to Adelaide in a few days and so, I think I'll be hearing my fair share of comments about this particular topic. SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) has just announced that the 2018 English Literary Studies exam will be taken on a computer. [...]

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Get More Marks on your Exams by Annotating

As someone who has gone through many years of high school and university, I have become very acquainted with exams. If you want to pass your exams you have to make sure that you study, practice and work hard at nailing the content. However, sometimes you'll find that no matter [...]

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ATAR Calculator Review: ATAR Talent 100 Calculator

If you’re in year 12 this year, pretty soon you will be wondering what kind of ATAR score you will get, are your grades good enough, what grades do you need to get to achieve said score? Then you will start scouring the internet for good ATAR calculators to estimate [...]

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ABC ME’s 2017 show My Year 12 Life confronts the pressure of ATAR

Whether you've received your ATAR results for this year or buckling down for the tumultuous journey in 2017, chances are you might not be feeling the best about what lies ahead. If you got an ATAR score that is below what you were aiming for or possibly scared that you [...]

ATAR Explained: What is an ATAR and how is it calculated?

Ahhh ATAR – that magic number, that turns up in a letter after exams, that determines your entire scholarly fate! What is it? What does it mean? Where does it come from? Not to worry, just check out my crash course on ‘What is an ATAR’ and all your questions [...]

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