Muck Up Day

Muck Up Day Urban Legends: Wrapped Up Wheels

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There are some Muck Up Day Urban Legends that are so classic that they are repeated timelessly by eager Year 12 pranksters, transforming into rituals. This urban legend is an example of one of these so said rituals: Wrapped Up Wheels Unlike many of these urban legends, [...]

Muck Up Day Urban Legends: Shakers and Movers

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An urban legend is a sacred tale, spread by word of mouth, telling of the many mysteries that lie within the concrete paradise that is our world. And as for muck up day? The greatest urban legend of them all. Muck up day antics are kind that are rarely seen [...]

Muck Up Day Urban Legend 4: Papier Mache and the Police

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We have all heard of year 12 muck up days going over the top. Muck up days can be weird, wacky and just totally wild. And we all have that one crazy friend who comes up with awesome yet weird ideas involving papier mache, like this one: Papier Mache and [...]

Muck Up Day Urban Legend 2: The Carpark Kidnapping

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This muck up day urban legend, The Carpark Kidnapping, was told to me by a teacher I had in my tenth year of high school, and is one of those stories that you may find hard to believe.   The story goes that at a school [...]