52 Adventure Time Nickname Ideas!

Adventure Time has been running since the golden days of 2007 and has captivated the minds and hearts of so many! It's a series of short episodes following the lives of Finn and Jake, a human and his talking, stretchy yellow dog friend/brother. Sound weird? It is. As the series [...]

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How to Style a Baseball Jersey

The baseball jersey is well known as a crucial part of any Major League Baseball uniform. It's a short-sleeved polyester shirt which usually features the team colours and name as well as button detailing on the front. It's a piece that can have many graphical and coloured elements. Baseball jerseys [...]

Nickname ideas for the Teen Wolf fan

Have you been following the daily occurrences of Beacon Hills high school? Does this make you want to be a part of Scott Mccall's pack? If your answers are yes and yes, the diagnosis is that you are a die hard Teen Wolf fan. Scott struggles season after season as [...]

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Bridal Party Gifts – Custom Jackets

It’s wedding season people! Also engagement season apparently – what is it with Spring? Must be the hay fever. Anyway whether you just got engaged or are knee deep in wedding planning Exodus Wear has your bridal party gifts sorted! Looking for totally awesome and unique bridal party gifts? Something [...]

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Nickname ideas for Minion lovers

Those giant, cuddly eyes. The adorable, gibberish they speak. They are two things more than enough to make people of all ages fall for them. Yes you guessed right, its those yellow little darlings we call minions! Having served the most despicable masters for centuries, they felt lost when for [...]

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Embroidery Suggestions for your custom clothing

On our range of custom clothing you can embroider 6 characters of the front and 20 characters (10 characters per line). Please note denim jackets can only fit 12 characeers on the back (6 characters per line). Below are some embroidery suggestions for you: Embroidery Number of characters Category Lol [...]

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Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan

Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan Following the trials and tribulations of the Salvatore Brothers since the dawn of time? Shared the pain of every heartbreak Stefan and Damon have endured over the past few centuries? Up to date on the lives of these ethereal vampires (and witches and [...]

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Custom Denim Jacket with personalised embroidery

Do you ever wish you had a billboard on your back so you could tell the world exactly what you think or feel that day? Well, now you can with our custom denim jacket that you can customise! You can customise the embroidery on the front and back of your [...]

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Why you should order a custom garment through Exodus Wear

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider ordering your Year 12 Custom Garment from Exodus Wear: Custom Designs All our garments are custom made and can be designed by your students. We also provide FREE mock-ups. Quality Fabric & Hardware Exodus Wear dye, treat and hold our [...]

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