How to Become a Professional Vlogger

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, then you'll know that there has been an explosion of vloggers (video logging) on YouTube. There are so many people out there who get to make a living out of making videos online. Working in the entertainment and [...]

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Top 3 social media trends of 2016

In terms of social media, 2016 definitely had a lot of interesting features on existing platforms. And these ones took off almost immediately. Facebook, snapchat, instagram etc etc - they all had a lot going on. Some liked their new additions while others, not so much. Some were more popular [...]

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The Best ATAR Memes For 2016

Definition of Internet Memes: Text describing a person, funny image or video that is virally spread by social media users via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, who may edit and create different versions of it. In this context it is an official coping mechanism for newly graduated VCE and HSC students when [...]

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15 Teenage YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms of this day and age. It's a (usually) great community where anyone is able to create, upload and share videos on the internet. It's a media platform that is driven by a young audience and dominated by young creators. Channels like [...]

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20 Teenage Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Luckily, we're part of a generation of people who are always finding new ways to express themselves and share their creations. Instagram has been a big part of this and has opened up brand new opportunities that have never existed before. There are now thousands of people who are finding [...]

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Your 2016 Guide to Social Media Slang

The millennial generation has grown up immersed in the realm of technology, as almost everyone has their own mobile phone and laptop. The renowned social media industry has been the cornerstone in creating an internet culture based on new terminology and slang, which makes up a predominate amount of millennial dialogue and [...]

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Time Management 101: your key to success

Always leaving assignments to last minute? Here’s how to be on time and make it your best one yet Problem #1: Procrastination You’ve got a project due, okay, let’s do some research… you open Google, type your key words and before you know it you have five tabs with Facebook, Instagram, and [...]

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Exodus Wear 2015 Year 12 Jerseys and Jackets Catalogue Now Available

Welcome to 2015!   It is a new year and that means Exodus Wear’s new catalogue is now available. As we had such an amazing and positive response from last year’s catalogue we have made the decision to keep it very similar but with some changes. We have added more [...]

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Exodus Wear 2015 Dance Jackets Catalogue Now Available

Welcome to 2015! It is a new year and that means Exodus Wear’s new catalogue is now available, but we have done something different this year which we hope will make the dance community happy as we have made a whole section on custom made dance jackets! We took the [...]

Planet Dance win So You Think You Can Dance Australia Instagram Competition

Our team were so excited to see our client Planet Dance win the So You Think You Can Dance Australia Instagram Challenge. We were completely ecstatic when we saw that they chose to wear their custom made Exodus Wear jackets in the clip. Check out their winning entry below:   [...]

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