Pirates of the Caribbean nickname ideas for the adventurer

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Avast me hearty's. Time to climb aboard a pirate ship near you. For the next installment in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales, is ready to set sail. This latest movie sees Captain Jack Sparrow meeting up with some old and deadly pirates from his [...]

Get customized bomber jackets for your dance school!

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Do you dance? Do you go to a dance school? Do you need super awesome, super stylish, matching, custom made bomber jackets for your crew? The correct answer to that question btw is yes! No worries Exodus Wear has you covered! Check out the epic jacket that Elite Performance Studios [...]

Power Rangers nickname ideas for the power-hungry fan

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Be brave enough to face your enemies with these Power Rangers nickname ideas Are you a fan of the original Power Rangers? If yes (or no), this incredible remake is sure to excite you! And it is playing in a cinema near you! Similar to the original, this story follows the [...]

Cars: 3 Nickname ideas for the revved up fan

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Get your engine revved for these classic Cars: 3 nickname ideas! The first two Disney Pixar Cars movies were enjoyed by adults and children alike. In addition to all the fast-paced action, there was also the hilarious antics of the characters. And Lightning McQueen was always ready to save the [...]

Starter Jackets : What are they and why they are awesome.

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Starter jackets have been around for a while now. Originally made for American football, they started spreading like wildfire within the general population in the 90s in America. Eventually, they made a mark in other continents too. However not a lot of people actually what they are and the story [...]

How to Style a Baseball Jersey

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The baseball jersey is well known as a crucial part of any Major League Baseball uniform. It's a short-sleeved polyester shirt which usually features the team colours and name as well as button detailing on the front. It's a piece that can have many graphical and coloured elements. Baseball jerseys [...]

The Last Airbender nickname ideas for Avatar enthusiasts

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The Last Airbender nickname ideas: Which element will you choose? The Last Airbender started off as Manga but has since been developed into a movie by Nickelodeon. Both feature a world divided in to 4 nations: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. In both versions the Fire nation wants to rule [...]

Merlin nickname ideas for the fan of all things magical

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Merlin nickname ideas for the sorcerer, witch or magical creature lurking near or in you Merlin is a popular television series full of magic, mayhem, and of course romance. It follows the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It contains goblins, dragons, trolls, and one [...]