Check out who is going to Vidcon Australia 2017

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If you are heading to Vidcon Australia 2017 and want to know which creators are going Synoply has put all the featured YouTubers into one blog post for you. What you can expect at VidCon includes panels, presentations, meet and greets and much more from industry leaders and professionals in the online [...]

How to Become a Professional Vlogger

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, then you'll know that there has been an explosion of vloggers (video logging) on YouTube. There are so many people out there who get to make a living out of making videos online. Working in the entertainment and [...]

K-Pop Inspired Makeup Tutorial for School

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Hello everyone! We are back again with another K-pop topics! Today we are going to talk about the K-pop inspired makeup tutorial that is suitable for school! Often, we, as K-pop fans want to wear a makeup that looks like our idol just to show off our love towards our [...]

Upcoming 2017 Movies

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Hello! It’s a brand new year again and I am sure for those movies lovers are looking forward to interesting movies. 2017 is definitely a year for you! Looking at the schedule gives us anxiety and it becomes difficult for us to list out our favourite movies in this overcrowded [...]

5 Videos from MyLifeAsEva to Watch Before High School

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Eva Gutowski, better known as MyLifeAsEva is a YouTuber known for her videos relating to beauty and fashion. Her channel also features many how-to's and DIYs to do with high school. She has accumulated over 7 million subscribers and People magazine crowned her the fastest growing YouTube star last year. Eva's channel [...]

15 Teenage YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to

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YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms of this day and age. It's a (usually) great community where anyone is able to create, upload and share videos on the internet. It's a media platform that is driven by a young audience and dominated by young creators. Channels like [...]

VLOG | Getting into the Fashion Industry Through the Side Door

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For many people out there, working in the fashion industry is a dream come true. The industry is highly competitive and can become overly dependent on who you know. Because of this, it can be hard to get a foot in the door of the fashion industry. Elyse Daniels is [...]

VLOG | 5 Tips for Sourcing From China

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Elyse Daniels is the founder and director of Exodus Wear, a company that specialises in creating custom jackets. We often collaborate with larger groups (as well as individuals) to create jackets that are fully customised- from the nicknames to the lining. These jackets are sourced from China, which can be [...]

What Working as a Sales Rep Taught Me That University Didn’t // LMBDW

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Elyse Daniels is the director and founder of this company- Exodus Wear. Exodus Wear is a growing and diverse company that specialises in customising a wide variety of jackets, jumpers or pretty much anything else you can think about! Elyse has played the lead role in bringing Exodus Wear to [...]