Nickname Ideas for Orphan Black Fans

These ideas are perfect for any Orphan Black fans, especially in a group. Check out this list of nickname ideas and form your own group of clones when deciding on your custom clothing nicknames!   For all the girls in the LEDA Clone Club Killer Clone Angry Angel Manning Childs [...]

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20 Nickname Ideas for Undertale Fans

                        Image: The sight of this list fills you with DETERMINATION For all you monsters lurking down in the ruins: Toriel Napstablook Loox Froggit Temmie Muffet Dreemurr Doggo For all the comedians/skeleton brothers out there: Sans Papyrus Image: [...]

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How to avoid choosing a jersey nickname you’ll regret

Years after you finish school, you'll probably have thrown out, donated or sold most pieces of your school uniform. In all likelihood, the only remnant of your school day style will be your Year 12 jersey (or jumper, or jacket!), featuring the super-cool jersey nickname you chose. Your Year 12 [...]

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Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas

  Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas   Did someone say Disney? Have a favourite Disney film, fangirling over your favourite character or (heaven forbid :P) writing some fan fiction because it’s just so friggin’ awesome you can’t get the characters/song/scene/everything about it out of your head? Say no more! [...]

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Bingara Central School Reversible Varsity Graffiti Print Jacket

Have you ever wanted to have a school jacket that you could wear at school that was still cool enought to also wear out of school? Well now you can with Exodus Wear’s School of Street Jacket! Bingara Central School located in regional NSW had their Year 12 Class of 2014 students [...]

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Class of 2015 Gallery of Designs now live

We do realise it is January of 2014 and no there is not a typo in the heading of this news item! It might surprise you to know that we already have jackets in production for Class of 2015 students. We have a few schools who are super organised and order [...]

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2013 Exodus Wear Loyalty Customer Incentive

At Exodus Wear we really appreciate when schools are loyal to our company and year after year the Year 12 students orders their leavers wear garments through us. To say thank you to those schools Exodus Wear has decided to launch a loyalty customer incentive this year. If your school [...]

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New Runway videos coming to the 2013 Exodus Wear Catalogue

At Exodus Wear we like to make our catalogue as informative as possible by including lifestyle shots of our garments as well as detail shots with some of the main features of each style. New in this year’s catalogue is our Runway Videos which you can scan the QR code [...]

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