Every university school (school of psychology, engineering, geography etc.) has a different format for presenting lectures. Therefore, every topic will require a different method for surviving the lectures. Never fear, Exodus Wear has you covered – check out our tips for surviving University Psychology lectures below.

I know I know that darned part of uni life where you actually need to learn things! Hahaha don’t stress one lecture at a time, one tip at a time, you can do it!

  • Most lectures are recorded – so if you miss something you can re-listen later.
  • Download lecture slides – they are available online, so no need to try and copy them. If they are available pre-lecture, print and write directly on them. Otherwise just keep note of the slide number so you can match your notes up later.
  • Listen & no talking – your lecturers are professionals taking time out to teach you, not classroom teachers. Those who speak in lectures get thrown out – trust me I’ve seen it happen.
  • Be on time – nothing more embarrassing than walking in late – gah I should know! (If you are late sneak in through the back door – PS pray that there is a back door)
  • Make friends – lectures are a great place to meet new peeps who you will be working with over the next few years.
  • Lecture content WILL BE in the exam – psych lecturers (bless them) put their lecture content in the exam, thus know the lectures = pass the exam – yay!
  • To read or not to read? Lecture readings – look in all honestly the content you need to know is in the lectures, the readings are there to consolidate your learning. So if you don’t understand a topic or theory look it up in your book.
  • Lecturers don’t ask you questions (at least mine didn’t!) – undergrad lectures are pretty large, so lecturers only ask questions of the whole class (never an individual) occasionally. In post-grad lectures, with smaller class sizes they interact more.
  • Speak with your lecturer – feel free to ask questions, lecturers are there to help and like talking to students who are interested in their field of learning. They are all approachable and not as scary as they seem I promise!

Well that’s Psychology lectures peeps – show up, learn things, make friends, talk to everyone – you will do great! While you’re at it why not join your uni’s Psych group and order custom made matching jackets for everyone and add a kick ass slogan: #psychos #psychislife #nature/nurture – either way it’s your parents fault

psychology lectures

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