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Surviving University: How to Complete University Exams

By | 2017-02-20T02:27:48+00:00 December 17th, 2016|Campus Life, Study Tips|

What to do on the day of your university exams – aside from panic, that’s a given. Well you’re here, you made it through the semester, did that mortifying speech, scraped a pass in that assignment (after pulling an all-nighter) and managed to avoid murdering your peers in that group […]

A very short history of denim

By | 2017-02-20T02:28:21+00:00 October 5th, 2016|Jacket|

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics around the world. Every year, millions of pairs of jeans, skirts, jackets and overalls are sold and worn by men and women from every nation and background. But do you know the history of denim? It’s really quite fascinating! Let’s take a […]

Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan

By | 2016-10-13T07:11:36+00:00 September 28th, 2016|Jacket, Nicknames, Personalised Jackets|

Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan Following the trials and tribulations of the Salvatore Brothers since the dawn of time? Shared the pain of every heartbreak Stefan and Damon have endured over the past few centuries? Up to date on the lives of these ethereal vampires (and witches and […]

Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas

By | 2017-02-20T02:28:22+00:00 September 19th, 2016|Nicknames|

  Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas   Did someone say Disney? Have a favourite Disney film, fangirling over your favourite character or (heaven forbid :P) writing some fan fiction because it’s just so friggin’ awesome you can’t get the characters/song/scene/everything about it out of your head? Say no more! […]

University Students Graduating in Different Years – No Issues!

By | 2017-01-12T03:05:32+00:00 April 20th, 2015|Life after High School|

At Exodus Wear we understand that you may be a part of a University, Tafe or study group that can graduate their studies in different years, but still want to organize a jacket and where it around with their friends, even if they graduate in another year. Exodus Wear allows […]

Exodus Wear 2015 Dance Jackets Catalogue Now Available

By | 2017-02-20T02:28:30+00:00 March 16th, 2015|Catalogue, Cheerleading Jackets, Cheerleading Uniforms, Dance Tour Jackets|

Welcome to 2015! It is a new year and that means Exodus Wear’s new catalogue is now available, but we have done something different this year which we hope will make the dance community happy as we have made a whole section on custom made dance jackets! We took the […]

Featured Splice Jersey Design

By | 2017-02-20T02:28:30+00:00 March 9th, 2015|Jerseys|

Our Splice Jerseys are really starting to take off with our schools across Australia. Our schools and their students are coming up with some really unique and modern designs which you can do on our Spliced jerseys. Baulkham Hills have come up with a different twist on the jersey feel […]

Bringing student designs to life – John Therry & Macarthur Adventist Schools

By | 2017-02-20T02:28:30+00:00 August 5th, 2014|For the love of Custom|

Our team love to design custom made garments for our clients but what excites us the most is when the students or our client comes up with a design and then we have to work out how to bring that design to life. In particular we love working with artwork […]