Our team love to design custom made garments for our clients but what excites us the most is when the students or our client comes up with a design and then we have to work out how to bring that design to life. In particular we love working with artwork that has been created by the students and then incorporating it into the design of their jacket somehow. Below are two recent examples of jackets we have produced which incorporate artwork designed by the students.

The first example is John Therry Catholic High School. The artwork below was drawn by one of the students when they were in Year 8 during art class. The student was actually off task and was creating this artwork instead of the task assigned by the teacher and was told to get back to work. However, the teacher was secretly extremely impressed with the artwork created and when it came time to design the Year 12 jackets over 3 years later remembered about the artwork and asked the student if they would be happy to have it incorporated into the design. The student was thrilled to have their artwork embroidered onto the back of the jacket so our fantastic graphic designer spent countless hours redrawing the artwork into the computer so that it would be in a format that can be used for embroidery. Below are some photos of the original artwork and the finished product.

The second example is Macarthur Adventist College. Considering their Year 12 grade is quite small with only 25 students in total they have a high ratio of artistically talented students. When Elyse met with the school multiple students from the class already had done sketches of ideas and designs in their art books. Elyse was so impressed by everything the students designed she wanted to work out a way to incorporate all the artwork into the final design. One student had created a design for the jacket which was used as the pattern and then another student created the pattern to be printed onto the sleeve. The last artwork was something that Elyse thought should be included somewhere on the garment but because of the size of it working out where to place the artwork was proving difficult. In the end they agreed on putting it in the lining.

The next task was for the students to do another copy of their artwork onto A3 paper in pen so that it would make it easier for our graphic designer to redraw it into the computer. It still took more than one day to redraw all the artwork but when you see the finished product below we definitely think it was worth all the hard work. Below are the original artworks and then the redraw our graphic designer did.

If you have a unique piece of artwork which you have created and would like featured as part of your jacket design don’t be afraid to show it to us. We love to make each jacket as unique as possible so we will work with you to create a design incorporating your artwork.

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