My Year 12 Life: Episode 17 Recap

Tensions rise as it is only a month until the final exams on this episode of My Year 12 Life. Kayla is distracted, counting down the days until her birthday, Alex heads to Poland to represent Australia in ultimate frisbee, and Tom F calculates how much he needs to get [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 18 Recap

Oh, my! It's only 3 weeks until the final exams and the 14 students are feeling the stress. Chelsea starts planning her future at the sacrifice of her current studies and Shianna is confronted with an obstacle when looking at her university options. You can view this episode on ABC iView, [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 16 Recap

It's only 6 week until exams and uni applications are on everyone's mind during this episode of My Year 12 Life. Charlie questions his effort and wonders whether he'll get enough to get into uni, Trianna is overwhelmed by her abundance of choices and Eden can't decide whether her destiny [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 15 Recap

It's 8 weeks until the final exams, and the students of My Year 12 Life are starting to buckle down in preparation for the exams. However, life and opportunity seems adamant to get in the way. Angela requests 10 days off school to travel to Korea for a Taekwondo tournament; [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 14 Recap

This weeks episode is filmed only 10 weeks before the 14 students final tumultuous exams. Shianna battles with her own negativity whilst dealing with some drama at school; Alfie obsesses over preparations for his 18th birthday bash; and finally, Kayla decides whether to let go of her tap dancing hobby [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 13 Recap

The 13th episode of ABC’s My Year 12 Life takes place in the students 13th week before final exams. Tom F still feels heartbroken after his split from long-term girlfriend, Nicola; Zoe formulates a strategy to fight the overwhelming power of procrastination in an attempt to manage her stress levels; [...]

Can you make a comeback after bad results?

Can you make a comeback after bad midterms, half yearlies, assignments? The answer is yes! Personally, there have been so many times in my life where I've gotten scores that I've been disappointed with- including failing one of my year 12 Maths Methods assessments. There's no reason why you cannot [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 12 Recap

The twelfth episode of ABC's My Year 12 Life is set 15 weeks before exams, and though the students seem more comfortable in their final year, the pressure of doing well is growing. This week focuses around three students as always. Shianna develops some drama in her drama class, Alex [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 of ABC's hit show, My Year 12 Life, is set 17 weeks before exams and the stress of the year is starting to show among the students. As always, the diary vlogs focus around three students and their tumultuous week. Kayla has a break from study and goes [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 10 Recap

With the year steadily ebbing away, Episode 10 of My Year 12 Life is filmed 19 weeks before the final exams. It follows Zoe and her new intimacy with her pal Lachie, Angela's tactics to deal with the stress of the final year and Charlie's shattering fitness goals as he [...]