Episode 11 of ABC’s hit show, My Year 12 Life, is set 17 weeks before exams and the stress of the year is starting to show among the students. As always, the diary vlogs focus around three students and their tumultuous week. Kayla has a break from study and goes on a family trip to the US, Tom F agrees to have his work experience in an art gallery and Eden struggles with the loss of a family member and maintains her stress levels with a new companion.

My Year 12 Life: Episode 11


Kayla’s Holiday

For the two-week break in the semester-2 holidays, Kayla has planned a trip overseas to the USA. She attempts to complete all her homework before she leaves, so she can just enjoy the holiday and enjoy the time away, but she finds it hard to concentrate and complete it all. She finds to easier to complete the homework when she’s relaxing on the holiday as her mind becomes clearer and more stress-free as she enjoys the time away from the constant pressure of Year 12. Kayla’s holiday away shows that through your Year 12 life (and life in general) you have to give yourself a break so your mind, body and soul has time to catch up and energise itself. By the end of her trip Kayla feels more motivated to do well at school.

Tom’s Work Experience

After finally making it to the Kimberly Cup in Broome and turning out successful in most of his games, Tom F feels optimistic. However, when back at school he is annoyed when one of his teacher’s select an art studio for his work experience due to the fact that he loves photography. At first, he is reluctant to go as he can’t see himself enjoying the experience within a ‘boring’ art gallery. However, he is pleasantly surprised his first day, loving the work and getting on well with the gallery’s owners. One of his new colleagues also invite him to go camping with him for some photo opportunities. This underpins the importance of work experience and the need to develop networks to help you in your potential career. If you don’t take risk and do things that you don’t particularly feel like doing, you might lose opportunities that might have benefited you in the long run.

Eden’s Emotional Rollercoaster

The holidays are a challenging time for Eden as she learns of her grandfather’s passing and has to prepare herself for his funeral to say goodbye. She was close to her grandfather and feels sad that she didn’t have the time (because of Year 12) to go up and visit him before he passed, as she felt like they had a very strong relationship. Her grandfather believed in her the most. Eden overcomes her dyslexia to speak at her grandfather’s funeral, which gives her a sense of closure and pride in herself that she could do this for her grandfather. Eden also starts seeing a boy she’s known for a long while. She says its nice to have someone who is also going through Year 12 and she loves the support that she gets from him! This underlines the importance of having a strong network of support when going through the final year of high-school.

My Year 12 Life: Episode 11


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