Matching Year 12 Jerseys & Varsity Jackets

For Class of 2014 we found that our matching varsity jackets and varsity cardigans were a very popular combo order that many schools placed. For Class of 2015 we have started to see a new trend emerge of matching Spliced Jerseys and our Active Jackets. Below is an example of [...]

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Place a combo order for your Year 12 Jerseys

Did you know that our company allows you to place combination orders for your Year 12 Jerseys? What we mean by this is that it is possible to pick from a variety of our garment styles and combine them into one order. There will be no minimum order that you [...]

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Matching Custom Design Hooded Jumper and Varsity Jacket

With large groups of students it can often be very difficult to get everyone to agree on the same garment. You may have read our previous news item on our matching baseball jackets and varsity cardigan combo. It has been very successful so we have decided to expand our offer [...]

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Matching Varsity Jackets and Varsity Cardigans

At Exodus Wear we understand that sometimes students don’t always want to wear the same style of garment as one size rarely fits all! It may be that the style is too bulky for their build or too fitted for the student. Due to this feedback Exodus Wear have now [...]

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