Coded Couture: Google creates the Data_Dress

'Coded Couture' is a project run by Ivyrevel, a digital fashion house backed by H&M Group. They're taking the fashion world by storm by teaming up with Google to create an app that collects your personalised data from your smart device. The app then takes this information and uses it [...]

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Fashion Tech: Lumo Lift will solve your posture problems

Fashion tech is an important part of life in this modern age. However, now more than ever, people are spending more time sitting down at a desk or in front of the TV. This is particularly true for year 12 and university students. People tend to slouch when sitting down [...]

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Fashion Tech: Adidas x Parley Recycled Sports Shoes

As climate change and global warming become an ever increasing threat on the planet's future, the need to lower our impact on the environment grows exponentially. Never before in history as there been a time where our daily choices, whether it comes to food, fashion or energy, have had such [...]

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Memi Smart Bracelet: The most stylish in fashion tech

Wearable technology in the form of jewellery can often look big and bulky and not very fashionable at all. However, there is one product that does look stylish and that is the Memi Smart Bracelet. (Source: How does the Memi Smart Bracelet work? The Memi Smart Bracelet [...]

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Fashion Tech: Sensoria Fitness Socks

Fashion Tech fitness socks by Sensoria The latest fashion trends employed by high end designers seems to be wearable technology or fashion tech for those more computer savvy people. Fashion tech is basically any wearable form of technology whether it be in your bag or on your person. There are [...]

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Fashion Tech: Seeing “The Unseen”

Fashion has always been bold and experimental. Just taking a glance back at the industry's history and you realise that the fashion world is always looking for new and creative ways to push the boundary on the wearable. With the ever- increasing emergence of technology, brand new innovative textiles and [...]

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Seeking Teenage Models for Catalogue Photo Shoot

We are currently seeking teenage models, in particular male models for our 2014 Catalogue Photoshoot happening at the end of November in Campbelltown, NSW. Our photoshoots are always lots of fun so if you would be interested in taking part please email a photo It does not have to [...]

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Exodus Wear dye our own material to guarantee colour fastness and anti pilling

At Exodus Wear we have the highest quality standards. One of the main reasons for this comes from our parent company JEM Promotional Products who work with some of the biggest corporate clients in Australia to create uniforms and branded merchandise. Selling to corporate customers means an expeced level of [...]

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Sydney Fashion Stylist does DIY Video Tutorial on Embellished Baseball Jacket

Giarne from Sydney Fashion Stylist blog just posted this DIY video on how to embellish a baseball jacket with studs and a flower using one of the jackets from our Letterform Range. Check out the video below.  

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