‘Coded Couture’ is a project run by Ivyrevel, a digital fashion house backed by H&M Group. They’re taking the fashion world by storm by teaming up with Google to create an app that collects your personalised data from your smart device. The app then takes this information and uses it to create a custom dress based on the data- hence, the ‘Data_dress’.

coded couture founder

Ivyrevel co-founder, Kenza Zouitens in her Data_Dress. Source: TechCrunch

The app uses Snapshot API technology to get information such as whether you’re walking or driving, the weather, if your headphones are plugged in or your location. It can seem a little stalker-ish but it’s a small price to pay for a custom dress. It seems that you will get to choose what you need the dress for. The data- or ‘context signals’, are what will help to create a dress most suited to your everyday life and environment. For example, if you live somewhere cold then it’s likely the dress will be made of heavier materials, perhaps with longer sleeves.

coded couture app interface

What it could look like, Source: Digital Trends

Everybody’s location, lifestyle and habits are different, so everybody’s dress will also be different. Not much is known at this point about how the app will actually process the data and use it to design a dress, but they will be one-of-a-kind creations. You need to carry your phone with you for a week and then let the program create a dress from the information it’s collected.

You can watch the official promo video here, for more information and a look at what a Data_Dress could look like!

The program is still in the early alpha stages, being tested by ‘fashion influencers’ at this point. It’s set to be released later this year, but you can register on their website to have access to the latest updates on the project.

Since Exodus Wear is invested in the mass-customisation industry,  we think this concept is a big step forward in making bespoke apparel readily available to the general public. As of now, the starting prices for the dresses will be $99, but this is subject to change.

We can’t wait to see where this goes as more information is released!So what do you think? Is this the future of custom fashion? Let us know what you think about the Data_ Dress by leaving a message below.