Times…they are a-changing.

Long gone are the days where fashion-forward men had to cower in the shadows, and put up with tragic generic attire. If this year’s fashion week is anything to go by, men’s fashion is finally getting the spotlight it deserves, and the sales are there to prove it. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2020, men’s fashion will be all the way up there with womenswear!

In Australia, menswear sales have increased by 3 percent compared to the womenswear increase of 2 percent. The entire menswear industry will contribute $600 billion dollars to the global market…yes, you read right. $600 billion, all for just a few threads!

Fashion Week: Men's Fashion On Point


And the good news is that men’s attitude towards fashion has rapidly changed during the decade. With the rise and growing revelation of the ‘metrosexual’ male, where men can dare to be more fashion-forward and express themselves, the acceptance of men’s fashion has skyrocketed. And why is this so? Experts pin it down to the power of social media. So keep clicking those Insta likes, my friends, because the more men’s fashion we have in the world the better!

And at Fashion Week it was Australian menswear brands that were showcased, namely  Strateas Carlucci, Justin Cassin, Double Rainbouu and Ten Pieces. Go Oz!

But don’t take my word for it, why not listen to the advice of the Stenmark twins, Australia’s favourite twin models. They run their own fashion site Stenmark.life and they admitted that social media and fashion bloggers had allowed men to feel more comfortable with fashion and is a great asset to their brand.

“It’s really empowered a lot of people to share their message, their style, the way they want to dress and the way they think trends are moving. I think it’s great there are more platforms for them to share that,” Jordan Stenmark said, in an ABC interview.

“I think men are becoming more expressive with what they want to wear and they’re really getting into showing who they are through their clothes rather than ‘this is practical, this is functional’,” his brother Zac added.

So, you might not be comfortable enough to whip out that bright red cravat just yet…but there will come a time.