Design ideas 

Get inspiration to design your own custom garment by browsing through our gallery of designs below. We have over 3,000 designs online with more being added all the time. By browsing through our gallery it will be a great place for you to see what other schools have been designing as well as it being a great opportunity to get some ideas for your year 12 jacket design or jersey.

Filter the gallery of designs by the type of product you are interested in, whether you are interested in dance wear or school wear, the colours of the garment and what angle you want to see and straight away you will be given plenty of ideas to choose from. We suggest pinning your favourite designs to a pinterest board then sharing that with us so we can work on some digital mock-ups for you.

For new designs we are currently working on please become a fan of our facebook page as we create an album and upload virtual mock-ups for every school we work with. When the pre-production sample arrives we also post photos of those in the album on facebook.

Another great place for inspiration is our Instagram Page. We post photos of designs we are working on as well as new samples that arrive into the office.