2016 Census: How Australia Is Changing

The results are in! Last week the findings of the 2016 Census were released, and they definitely reflect a changing Australia. Basically, our country is becoming a more open, multicultural and religion-free nation, but let's break it down further so you can see the current trends. How will Australia change [...]

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3 life lessons to take away from Dirty Dancing

Many would be guilty of watching Johnny's lift of Baby atleast a 100 times. And if you still have no clue what I am talking about right now, drop whatever you are doing (that exam can wait!) and go watch Dirty Dancing right now#. It is one of "those monumental [...]

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Best-Dressed Men at the 2017 Met Gala to Inspire Your Formal Look

Now, you can be forgiven to take no notice of the men's style at the Met Gala. After all, a suit is a suit, and it's the women that shine at the Gala (Just look at Rihanna's gown). Though that is true, don't be too hasty to shrug off inspiration [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 15 Recap

It's 8 weeks until the final exams, and the students of My Year 12 Life are starting to buckle down in preparation for the exams. However, life and opportunity seems adamant to get in the way. Angela requests 10 days off school to travel to Korea for a Taekwondo tournament; [...]

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Netflix’s Girlboss: Love it or Leave it

So, if you're like me and base your social calendar around Netflix's release schedule (please, no judgement) then you would have already seen the recent addition of the Netflix original, Girlboss. Based (loosely) on Sophia Amoruso's bestselling story of the same title, it follows the origins of Amoruso's multi-million dollar [...]

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Nickname Ideas for a “13 Reasons Why” Lover

So unless you've been living under a rock, you probably would have heard about the hit new show on Netflix, "13 Reasons Why", a gripping, moving, and sometimes hilarious teen drama about troubled student, Hannah Baker. Though slightly controversial, the show raises some very important questions about depression, bullying and [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 13 Recap

The 13th episode of ABC’s My Year 12 Life takes place in the students 13th week before final exams. Tom F still feels heartbroken after his split from long-term girlfriend, Nicola; Zoe formulates a strategy to fight the overwhelming power of procrastination in an attempt to manage her stress levels; [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 12 Recap

The twelfth episode of ABC's My Year 12 Life is set 15 weeks before exams, and though the students seem more comfortable in their final year, the pressure of doing well is growing. This week focuses around three students as always. Shianna develops some drama in her drama class, Alex [...]