It’s 8 weeks until the final exams, and the students of My Year 12 Life are starting to buckle down in preparation for the exams. However, life and opportunity seems adamant to get in the way. Angela requests 10 days off school to travel to Korea for a Taekwondo tournament; Tom is close to failing Year 12 altogether; and Jess gets a new significant other!

My Year 12 Life Episode 15

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Angela’s Travels

At the start of this episode, we find out that Angela has to travel overseas once again, this time Korea to take part in an international Taekwondo tournament. She has her trials basically straight after she comes back, so she starts to feel the pressure of having to be productive and get study down before she leaves. She also feels the extra pressure of having to maintain her grades to successfully apply for a scholarship.

When finally making it to Korea, Angela feels the pressure of keeping her physical fitness up and excelling in her competition, so as to not let her teammates down. This means, less time for study! After successfully competing and coming back from Korea, she realises she did very little study when overseas.

Tom’s Fail Fears

Tom founds out the worrying news that he failed a maths exams. He begins the episode admitting that he fears he will fail his final year altogether, and that he is questioning his academic merit. However, he takes full responsibility stating that it is his lack of effort that got him in the place he is at the moment, and that he has to find the motivation to turn things back around.

Tom seems to get a bit of a reality check when his mum comes back in town to visit, and she reigns him in, cancelling his plans to go on a last minute Darwin trip. He needs to focus on his grades! But he also loves the support his family gives him, even though they don’t live together.

Tom admits that he want to at least finish his Year 12, just for the sake of doing it, and not wasting his years of study.

Jess’s New Beau

Jess reveals that she has a new “boyfriend”, though she wouldn’t want him to be called that; she doesn’t want to call it a relationship. She’s surprised at how good she feels seeing another person, but says she has to put work and study first. It’s all about priorities!

Jess admits that she doesn’t feel like she has good friends at her school, and says she doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved other than her family. She just wants to finish her final year, and focus on work. She gets annoyed at her current boyfriend Josh, because he isn’t putting enough effort into their relationship, and she ultimately breaks up with him. To celebrate her birthday and make herself feel better, she gets herself an awesome tattoo AND she bought a new car! Nice one Jess!! At the end of the episode she decides to drive up and visit her aunty for a nice break.

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