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The Adventures of Merlin Jersey Nickname Ideas

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‘In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great Kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.’ Oh my god – flash backs people, to The Adventures of Merlin! Who remembers this show? It was so enthralling, my entire family [...]

20 Nickname Ideas for Undertale Fans

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                        Image: The sight of this list fills you with DETERMINATION For all you monsters lurking down in the ruins: Toriel Napstablook Loox Froggit Temmie Muffet Dreemurr Doggo For all the comedians/skeleton brothers out there: Sans Papyrus Image: [...]

60 Nickname Ideas for American Horror Story Fans

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What are you most scared of? Angry spirits seeking vengeance? Insane killer clowns? Capricious witches? Blood-thirsty vampires? Crazy scientists? Whatever your fears or phobias there is no doubt at least one or all have featured on the hit television series, American Horror Story. To celebrate the release of it's newest [...]

How to Train Your Dragon Jersey Nickname Ideas

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Do you know the difference between a Night Fury, Gronckle and Monstrous Nightmare? How about where a Deadly Nadder’s blind spot is? What a Gronckle loves to eat? Know what animal dragons fear most? Well then hello there fellow Vikings and Dragon riders! You’ve come to the right place to [...]