Are you, like the infamous  Chanel Oberlin, the Queen B of your year? Or are you the mysterious underdog, determined to get through high school, like super sleuths, Zayday and Grace? Or perhaps you have a more violent streak, and associate yourself more with the murderous Red Devil? The gruesome yet hilarious hit Tv show, Scream Queens is the perfect show to binge watch over the Halloween month, with it’s almost parodical take on horror films.

The show has a wide variety of colourful and layered characters, and all of them seem to be hiding their own secrets. If you need help picking that Scream Queen nickname that is just right for you, look no further. But be careful in your choice, if there is one thing this show teaches us it’s don’t trust anyone.


Chanel #1.

Why not name yourself after the Queen B herself, Chanel “Chanel #1” Oberlin. This feisty and devious queen will do absolute anything to maintain her crown.

Chanel #2.

Or perhaps you would rather follow the leadership of Sonya “Chanel #2” Herfmann? She’s just has devious as her counterpart and has already proven that she can cause trouble from beyond the grave.

Chanel #3

Flaunt your pink ear muffs and practice your unrelenting shade if you pine after the moody Sadie “Chanel #3” Swenson.

Chanel #5

Or maybe you’re the slightly less loyal minion  and have your own plans to make it to the top. Display your admiration for the cunning but slightly annoying Libby “Chanel #5” Putney.

Chanel #6

Perhaps you would rather be the true mastermind, putting your pride aside, to seek revenge on those that have wronged you. If that’s your style then you and Hester “Chanel #6” Ulrich, will be best friends.

  • The Chanel nickname ideas would be perfect for a group of close friends.


Maybe your tired of people like the Chanels and want to represent a powerful underdog, like that of Zayday Williams, who alongside her pal Grace, help solve the sorority murders.

Denise Hemphill

Do you relate more to the fan favourite, Denise Hemphill, the colourful and sassy security guard turned mall cop turned police officer, who doesn’t leave anyone off her suspect list.


Or perhaps your the strong, independent person of Dean Munsch, the slightly scary Dean who’s full of surprises.

Rad Chad

Maybe you relate more to Chad Radwell, the dim- witted but attractive jock on campus, that has an off and on relationship with Chanel #1. (And everybody else on campus it seems).

Earl Grey

Or perhaps your the more suave of the brotherhood, and have the docile good manners of Chad’s fellow frat house mate Earl Grey.


Do you have a secret identity, a hidden agenda that nobody knows about? Would you fake your own death just to seek revenge? Then maybe you look up to the killer (literally) stud Boone Clemens.

The Red Devil

If you look up to Boone and Hester for your inspiration, then this nickname would not be far off your list. Do you respect the murderous devils that haunt the campus ground after dark?

Nickname Ideas Scream Queens

Candle Vlogger

Or maybe you just like candles… a lot.


Keep in mind, our jackets can have up to 15 characters including symbols, so if you have anymore killer Scream Queens nicknames idea, we would love to hear! Still finding it hard to choose a nickname? Why not head over to our forum and our friendly community can help you pick one out.