For fans of this hilarious sitcom and let’s face it Danny walking around without a shirt on (hahaha the audience still hoots every single time he does it!) let me present the Baby Daddy year 12 jersey nickname ideas! Gotta love the shenanigans these guys get up to! My favourite you ask – when Danny marries Brad in Vegas! Hahaha

The networks are having a field day cutting my favourite shows lately! First Once Upon a Time was almost cancelled after 6 seasons – but then it was renewed with part of the cast for one more season, thank goodness for that! Then I find out that 2 Broke Girls was abruptly cancelled, again after 6 seasons! Now I find out that Baby Daddy is finished too! Again after 6 seasons – what do networks have against season 7? These shows are epic! But hey bringing back awesome shows that people adore (because they are awesome and the networks were stupid for ending them) is a thing now, so you never know what we are gonna get to see again! (Que Gilmore Girls, Roseanne and Will and Grace).

Anyways rant over, I feel better now – on to nickname ideas!

  • Ben ♛ – guy who had a kid and didn’t know it, until she was left at his doorstep, basically the entire show plot
  • Emma ♥ – said kid, her character is played by twin girls
  • Danny :) – brother of Ben, loves Riley, plays hockey, super cute, always smiling
  • Riley ★ – takes her forever to figure out she is in love with Danny, is a lawyer
  • Tucker 🎩 – the sidekick, also pretty sure he’s a movie or show producer
  • Bonnie :P or Bon-bon, Danny and Ben’s mum
  • Brad – he’s so pretty! And boy does he know it!
  • ♥ Bon Jovi – Bonnie loves him
  • Your name :) – and a relevant symbol
  • Super Danny!
  • Super Riley!
  • Super ‘your name’
  • ♥ my family
  • ♥ my sister
  • ♥ my brother
  • #Brothers
  • #Sisters
  • #Family
  • #Lawyer
  • #HockeyPlayer
  • #Bartender
  • #Cocktails
  • #Bro Code
  • #Producer
  • #Agent
  • #Future job you wish to have
  • #Destiny

Remember guys your jersey nickname can be a maximum of 15 characters long with symbols included! To order your year 12 jersey contact us today!