Mr Incredible: ‘What are you waiting for?’ Kid on a tricycle: ‘I donno. Something amazing, I guess.’ Yeah like a long awaited sequel! Disney Pixar finally announced the release of The Incredibles II for 2018 – woo! Like we haven’t waited forever! Time to rewatch the movie and find some incredible The Incredibles nickname ideas!

Omg talk about a long wait, this movie came out in 2004! If it wasn’t already clear when the movie comes out, this will be me:

nickname ideas


Super heroes:

  • Super Hero
  • #Hero
  • #Super
  • #Special
  • #Hidden
  • Secret Identity
  • Mr Incredible – Robert ‘Bob’ Parr
  • #Incredible
  • #SuperStrong
  • Elastigirl – Helen Parr
  • #Flexible
  • Frozone – Lucius Best
  • #Ice Man
  • #Super Suit – a most suitable name for a year 12 jersey
  • #Greater Good – Frozone: ‘Honey, where’s my super suit?’ Wife: ‘Why do you need to know?’ Frozone: ‘I need it! You tell me where my suit is woman! We are talking about the greater good!’ Wife: ‘Greater good? I am your wife! I’m the greatest good you are ever gonna get!’
  • Gazerbeam
  • Edna ‘E’ Mode – best costume designer ever! Also voiced by a guy, who knew.
  • NeverLookBack – ‘I never look back darling it distracts from the now.’
  • Fight! – ‘Go, confront the problem, fight, win!’
  • Win!
  • Violet
  • #Invisible
  • Dash
  • #Speedo – Lucius’s nickname for Dash
  • #Competitive
  • #SuperFast
  • Jack-Jack


  • Bomb Voyage – French, likes bombs, might be a mime
  • Baron Von Ruthless – Bad guy from Lucius’s story
  • The Underminer – bad guy at the end
  • Mirage – Syndromes second in command, turns good guy in the end
  • Syndrome – or Buddy Pine, formerly known as Incrediboy before he turned all evil and crazy
  • #No.1Fan – ‘I know all your moves, crime fighting style, favourite catch phrases, everything! I’m your number 1 fan!’
  • Geeking Out
  • #FanGirl
  • #FanBoy

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