Progressive Tech Company Atlassian Provides Swag Dresses

Tech companies provide their employees with company branded swag including hoodies, t-shirts and caps. Staff can choose to wear these to work and tech conferences. Awesome right #represent! Atlassian a super modern and progressive tech company has gone one step further. They have added a variety of dresses to their [...]

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Student visas: the smart way to study internationally

Have you ever seen Border Security on television? If so, then you would know that it's risky business travelling anywhere for work or study without the right visa. And you could risk being sent home if you are in breach of your visa. But why would you want that when [...]

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Gap year memes: straight to college…or a year off?

Are you planning on taking a gap year? Or have you already been on a gap year? Maybe you have had plenty of people asking you why you are taking a gap year. If so then maybe they have said some of the things mentioned in these gap year memes. [...]

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Linguistics student memes for the bamboozled linguist

Studying languages can be hard. Even more so if that language is not your native language. But you can rest assured that you are not alone. Many students struggle with languages. Whether it be French, German, Italian, or even English (for you international students), students struggle. So, to help you [...]

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Musical memes for even the most studious instrumentalist

Musical memes to put a light note into your day Do you struggle with your studies? And could you use some humour to brighten your day? So, if you find getting some motivation for study exhausting, then you are not alone. There are many people who don't like to spend [...]

StudentPreneur Podcast: Stories of Students who are Entrepreneurs

  The StudentPreneur podcast is exactly what it sounds like! It's a podcast where student entrepreneurs from all over the world get to share their stories. They address questions specific to student entrepreneurs like how they balance studies and business, how they get started and how they change their mindset. [...]

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Old university textbooks: what do you do with them?

Graduated from university? Do you have old university textbooks lying around gathering dust that you don't know what to do with? Well this is the place for you. Listed below are places where you can sell and also buy used university textbooks. These websites are great for if you have [...]

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TASTE – The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience

Attention all year 10, 11 and 12 students in Queensland – are you interested in working in the agricultural industry? Love being out in open country fields? Love working with animals? Love the great outdoors? Yes – then The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience (TASTE) might be just what you [...]

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Mentorship programs for the struggling university student

University can often be daunting. While study can be hard work, there are mentorship programs to help you. Nearly every uni has mentors. Because people understand you may struggle with study. And these programs are aimed at uni students. Or for uni students to mentor high school students. It doesn't [...]

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Best outfit to wear with your graduation robes

Graduating from university is an exciting time. You get to put on fancy robes and parade on stage. And you get to accept your degree formally. What is not to like about that? It is a time for celebration. But what should you wear under your graduation robes? Below are [...]