Sizing up your whole grade can be a very big and overwhelming job as we can understand, but we at Exodus Wear have put together some tips on how to make it a very simple and quick process, we can normally size a school of around 50 students within 20 minutes.

  1. Organize the sizing kit that is sent to you, the sizes will be from a 3XS to a 6XL, we normally split the kit into two piles. First pile is 3XS to Medium; you will mainly use these on the female students. Second pile is from Large to 6XL and this is mainly used for the male students.
  2. We then split the students up into a boy’s line and a girl’s line, this will make it easier to control and sizes won’t get mixed up.
  3. One at a time the student comes up and you try the size on them. We don’t normally zip the jacket up we just do up a couple of buttons to see how it looks. We double check the sleeves especially for the boys as often they can be tall so they will need to go up a size. You also have to keep in mind they may have a growth spurt in Year 12.
  4. The student then has the responsibility to go to the designated teacher or some of the student leaders who are recording everyone’s sizes in the excel order form and tell them there correct size.

Please note the sizing kit can only be kept for 2 weeks as there is often a list of schools waiting. Exodus Wear uses these methods when we go and size schools in the Sydney area, so we hope these tips will help you with the sizing of your grade. Any questions about the sizing process please contact us at Exodus Wear on (02) 8188 7988 or email