Those giant, cuddly eyes. The adorable, gibberish they speak. They are two things more than enough to make people of all ages fall for them. Yes you guessed right, its those yellow little darlings we call minions! Having served the most despicable masters for centuries, they felt lost when for the first time in forever, they had no master. This is when the minion civilisation started. Where all they did was eat bananas and follow the most nefarious villains in existence. As a minion lover, you are sure to know where their loyalties lie and what they are after. You must have all things minion and your friends must know you as the Minion wiz! Prove your minion prowess with a Minion inspired nickname on your year 12 jersey. Here are a few ideas to show the world your devotion to these teeny tiny wannabe creatures:

Nickname ideas for minion lovers: Want to be a minion master?

Scarlet Overkill
El Macho
Felonius Gru

Or just something that is a part of everyday minion life?

Mild Moose
I’m with stupid
Belloo (Hello in Minionese)
Minionese (The gibberish language that the minions speak)
Despicable Me
Mower Minions
I love Bapples (this is how minions say ”apples”)
I Love potatoes

Besides following ridiculous villains, these lovable minions are known for going crazy for simple things. These simple things like bananas make their world go round. Therefore minion themed jackets do not have to be elaborate. They can be simple yet prominent. Just like those giant eyes of theirs that can talk to our souls. Thus, there is no reason to NOT consider having a minion themed nickname on your jacket. For more information on how to get your customized minion jacket, feel free to contact us now. Remember, you are allowed a maximum of 15 characters for the back and 6 characters on the front. And feel free to get help from our nickname generator in case you cannot make up your mind.