Exodus Wear were very excited to be part of another project with Justice Crew. They told us they needed some new jackets ASAP because they were filming a video with 2DayFM. It was a big secret and we weren’t allowed to tell anyone so we got the jackets made ASAP, Justice Crew filmed the video and then we waited (not so patiently) for it to be released. Justice Crew really love the design of their jackets where they have the JC letters appliqued on the left chest, their names embroidered right chest and the big Justice Crew logo on the back. We try and change it up a bit each time so we did maroon and black jackets but we used a really cool snakeskin denim that you can see up close in the photo below.


2DayFM, Justice Crew and Kyle & Jackie O posted quite a few teasers for about a week and then finally last Thursday the video got released. Justice Crew made the video with all the radio hosts from 2DayFM and even all the staff got involved so it was like a flash mob. The video was made at the 2DayFM office in Sydney and featured Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands, Fifi Box, Jules Lund, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Ellie Mobbs, Ryzy, Mandy, Matty & Mel from the Hot30 and all the 2DayFM office staff. Check out the video below: