Exodus Wear have previously worked with Israel Cruz to provide a jacket for him to wear in the film clip for ‘Nasty’ so when he told us that he wanted to get some jackets made up for the artists on his record label Nufirm we couldn’t wait to get started on the designs. Israel wanted the jackets to be almost like a uniform his artists could wear at industry events but they also needed to be stylish. We decided to design an option for the guys and one for the girls. For the boys we did red and white jackets with navy denim sleeves. For the ladies we did black and charcoal jackets with silver denim sleeves. On all the jackets we included a heat transfer of the Nufirm logo on the right chest, the artists initials appliqued in denim on the right chest, the Nufirm text heat transferred on the back and the Nufirm crown appliqued in denim on the back.

Israel was very cool and actually invited us to come to his house when he gave everyone the jackets. Kyle Sandilands & Israel live together and because Kyle is a big supporter of Nufirm he also got a jacket. We of course didn’t miss the opportunity to take some photos of everyone in their new jackets. Kyle also let jumped in and let us take some photos with his Lamborghini. Check out the shots below!

Israel Cruz


Kay Marz

Dean Cassidy



Nufirm Crew & Kyle Sandilands