Are you looking for nickname ideas for your Year 12 Jersey or Jacket?

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Head over to our Nickname Generator to help you come up with nickname ideas for your Year 12 Jersey or Jacket. Keep in mind you are going to be wearing your Year 12 Jersey or Year 12 Jacket nearly every day for a year so you don’t want to regret your choice! Be warned any sneaky nicknames (think urban dictionary) may result in your jersey or jacket being taken off you by your school. Think about if it is worth it. Oh, and your teachers have also caught onto using two people each wearing a jersey standing side by side to create a cheeky nickname (cudos to the first person who came up with that!).

Don’t forget you can have up to 15 characters and symbols in your nickname. Some of the more common symbols we use are stars, love hearts and smiley faces but we can do most basic symbols.

Want to know what the most popular nickname in 2012 was? Check out our blog post to find out. The best nickname suggestions will be featured on our social media accounts and may even earn a surprise gift so get thinking! Any inappropriate topics or language used in the Nickname Ideas forum will result in ban from the forum and all comments will be removed.

Want to know what was on our Founder’s Year 12 Jersey? Check out the video below: