At Exodus Wear our main focus is to achieve the best results for your school. Whatever your objective is the actions we take as part of our Ex-Factor 5 process mean that improved results for your school are possible.

We provide digital mock-ups as well as a physical no-obligation sample of your chosen design so that you know you are getting the custom design the students want

We use a variety of decoration methods to create the best aesthetic for the garment. The school emblem is embroidered and the price includes the student’s proper name and class year embroidered on the front if you wish to include them. We applique your school initials and the number on the back to create the 3D look. The fabrics we offer for applique are felt, satin look, leather look and denim.

If you ask the students they will tell you the Nickname is the most important part of their leavers wear garment. We allow up to 15 characters or symbols and they can make their nickname even more unique by putting unusual shapes like love hearts, stars etc. Just email through the symbol or shape you would like to use and we will let you know if it is possible

We include more features in our garments such as custom lining, applique and proper embroidered names in our standard price to give the students more value for money. We also charge the same price & free-freight to all locations so regional schools are not disadvantaged.

When we put together a mock-up for your school and provide a price it will include everything you see on the design. Some companies start at a base price and then charge for each feature you add on. We would rather your garment be as customised as possible so our pricing already includes all the options shown.

A physical sizing kit is sent to the school at our cost and an electronic order form provided to give you ease of ordering

Once your mass order has been delivered it is possible to place a repeat order with no minimum order quantity and no surcharge. This means if you or a student made a mistake with their name we can make a new jacket for them; or if a new student transfers in Year 12 they can also order one. Most other companies have a repeat order minimum of 10 or 20 and put a surcharge on top of the normal price. Other companies will also charge a surcharge if you add on additional jackets while your order is still in mass production. Our company allows you to add on while in mass production with no surcharge.

We allow variations for staff jackets at no additional cost. If you would like to have the number removed or a plain lining just note it on the order and we can make these adjustments for you.

We allow you to place combo orders of different styles with no minimum per style and we allow you to place a repeat order with no minimum which gives you lots of flexibility. Read more about combo orders here
We guarantee all of our fabric and hardware which gives you peace of mind.

We dye, treat and hold our own fabric in stock with colour fastness of a minimum level 4 – 4.5 as well as a UV treatment applied. We dye in large batches and hold our fabric in stock to assure consistency and the best quality. Most companies will purchase material from the fabric market in China which often only has a colour fastness grade of 3 – 3.5 and as they have not dyed it themselves there are no guarantees on the treatments used. There is also greater risk of colour inconsistency between the mass order and any repeat orders placed when purchasing fabric on separate occasions. Our baseball jackets have a zipper and metal buttons as well as zippered pockets. All our zippers and hardware comes with a quality guarantee. Our nicknames are guaranteed not to peel off no matter how many times your garment is washed in a washing machine.