New York, New York! It’s the city that never sleeps and where dreams come true. The Performance Arts students from Asquith Girls High School are lucky enough to be going to New York with their school for a performing arts tour. Their dance coordinator asked us to create a custom jacket that would help their students to stand out and stay together in such a busy city.

With New York as our inspiration it was easy to come us with a custom concept for this jacket. We needed to create a professional looking garment that would ensure the students represented the school in a professional manner but we also wanted to make the jacket a piece of memorabilia that they could keep for the rest of their lives. The front of the jacket was black and pink with their school initials written in big letters down the right hand side of the jacket and then  the school logo and personalized name on the left hand side. On the back of the jacket we had the text ‘New York’ written in a american style ballpark font with a white background.

On the inside of the jacket is where the wow factor came into the jacket. The hood lining consisted all the girls names that will be travelling to New York on the tour, than on the inside of the jacket was a photo lining of the amazing Manhattan skyline. We used a shot of Manhattan just before sunset so all the pinky tones matched in with the outside of the jacket. The client was absolutely blown away when they saw what we had come up with.

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