Earlier this year we produced a custom jacket for LKM Dance Studios located in Springwood, NSW to wear on their USA Dance Tour and also as a uniform for the studio when they returned. If we had to vote we would say this is the most versatile jacket design we have ever done! With the one jacket you can actually wear it six ways. The jacket we created is reversible with one side made of a polycotton fleece so it is really warm and cosy to wear. This side features a baseball jacket design. Below are photos of the baseball jacket side:

The reverse side of the jacket is made from a showerproof material which makes it very practical for wet weather. On this side we did a sublimation print design all over the fabric. Below are some photos of the reverse side of the jacket.

It was so cool to see this photo of the dancers at Sydney Airport ready to leave for their trip. As you can see students are wearing different sides of the jacket and some have the sleeves zipped off but everyone still matches. It gives you the chance to express your individual style while still being part of a team.

Here are some more photos showing the six different ways this jacket can be worn:

1. Baseball jacket
2. Reverse jacket
3. Baseball jacket with sleeves zipped off
4. Reverse jacket with sleeves zipped off
5. Baseball jacket with reverse sleeves zipped on
6. Reverse side with baseball jacket sleeves zipped on

Whatever the design is don’t be afraid to ask us if it possible. All our garments are made from scratch which means we can create any design you want. If you are from a dance school and would like to enquire about custom dance jackets please contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or emailenquiries@exoduswear.com.au