At Exodus Wear our goal is to make designing a custom garment for your group as easy as possible. One of the things we have a lot of requests for is downloadable design templates of all of our products. These can be found in our catalogue and on each product page but if you are not sure what product you are interested in we have now put them all onto one page to make it easy for you to download the ones you want.

Go to our Design Templates page now!

The reason why we love to give our customers a line drawing of the garment is because it gives them free reign to draw whatever their imagination can come up with. Some of our best innovation has come from customers just drawing what they would like with no restrictions put on them.

We have a jpeg version that you can right click and save image as. Otherwise, if you left click on the design template it will open to a PDF which you can save to your computer. The PDF is actually a vector file so if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator you can use the software to create the design. Don’t worry if you can’t use it, we accept hand drawn designs and then our graphic designers can convert them into digital mock-ups in Adobe Illustrator.

If you need any help designing your custom jacket or tracksuit do no hesitate to contact us. We have a graphic design team who can work on designs for you. If you go to our Gallery of Designs and pin some designs you like onto a Pinterest board and then share it with us we can use this as inspiration for the design.