Exodus Wear love to design custom made garments for our clients, sometimes it can be difficult for a client to envision what the jacket will look like in real life and something like their logo can seem a bit boring when just on a flat print.
La Trobe University Cheerleading group had the same interpretation that their logo of an eagle would be on a flat print and they were a bit hesitant as they wanted the logo to stand out when they walked into competitions. Our team at Exodus Wear sat down and considered what we could do with such a detailed eagle design logo. We worked with our factory very hard to make sure we could make the eagle itself pop!

What we were able to come up with was incredible in our eyes and also our clients. We made the eagle itself in a leather applique method. This method is used to make an image look 2D, like it is popping out of the jacket. It was a great effort by our factory in regards to the workmanship that goes into one of these jackets, let alone over 50 units.

The Eagle itself is in the red leather, once again giving the jacket a different effect with the embroidery of the eagle’s eye and beak, the pictures are below of the amazing leather look applique eagle.

Think your logo looks boring as a flat print and you really want to stand out in a crowd, then please feel free to contact us Exodus Wear on (02) 8188 7988 or email enquiries@exoduswear.com.au, and we can work with you to create something you will be proud of wearing in front of a crowd.